Contracts & policies

Why have contracts?

Employees are legally entitled to some form of contract after 8 weeks of employment. Not giving contracts to your staff is of no benefit to a company as conditions of employment will be gained through 'custom and practice'. This means that your employee will have all the rights of a contract even if there is no signed document. The disadvantage is that the employer will not be able to rely on any clauses and conditions which they could have included in a contract. Small businesses often feel that they are unnecessary as there is often a 'friendly' relationship between management and their staff. It is so often the case that these types of relationships sour, often due to relatively minor reasons, and the employer then regrets not having the necessary paperwork in place before any problems arose. Contracts also provide the employee with a description of the working terms and therefore show the company's expectations. Our contracts start from £99 and we are more than happy to discuss your needs without obligation to buy.

Why have policies?

Policies can be used to explain how the company will deal with certain events and will assist in managing your team with consistency and fairness. They can detail management's expectations of behaviour and performance and log how management should deal with those situations. Policies are also (unless expressly stated) non-contractual and can be amended (ideally after consultation with all affected staff). Some policies are almost essential, such as Disciplinary & Grievance and Health & Safety but it will depend on your business as to which are necessary for you. Our policies start from £49 and, again, we are more than happy to discuss your needs without obligation to buy.


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